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[Review] How Do I Love Thee by Lurlene McDaniel

How Do I Love Thee by Lurlene McDaniel
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Publishing Date: Dec. 24, 2002
Format: paperback, purchased
272 Pages
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Though written more than a century ago, Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s beautiful sonnet rings true today for three young couples who believe in the power of love.

In “Night Vision,” Brett finds a way to brighten a special girl’s lonely existence. “Bobby’s Girl” features Dana, who must choose between two brothers, both of whom she loves. “Laura’s Heart,” the third story, introduces 16-year-old Laura Carson, who is hospitalized on a regular basis because of her weak heart. But when tragedy strikes a loved one, she realizes her heart is stronger than she thought and that love lives on forever.

My Review

This was a reread for me; I had read so many Lurlene McDaniel's books when I was younger, and when I saw this for only $1.00 at my local book store, I couldn't pass it up! I loved all of her work and couldn't read it fast enough! There's something about her stories that just draws you in and won't let go. 

This novel is comprised of three short stories: Night Vision, Bobby's Girl and Laura's Heart. Each is unique, but all the the theme of finding love and terminal illnesses. Night Vision is a short and sweet story. The characters fell in "love" too fast, but overall, it was a great short work. I wish it was longer so I could learn more about the characters!

Unlike when I started Night Vision, I didn't remember Bobby's girl at all from when I was younger. As the story went on, pieces came back to me, but overall, the story was still 'new' to me. The MC in this novel faces a difficult decision when she has to choose between brothers. I couldn't decide who I was rooting for: Steve or Bobby, but either way, the story was still good. 

The final short story, Laura's Heart, also wasn't familiar to me but it was pretty good. I'm thinking Night Vision was one that stuck out because it involves a disease that I had never heard of before. Regardless, it was very enjoyable to reread these stories. Took me down memory lane to my childhood a bit (: I have another McDaniel book on my shelf now (also $1.00!), and since they're fairly quick reads, I'll be starting that soon! 

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