Thursday, October 16, 2014

Non-Bookish Hobby

Other than reading and writing about books, one of my favorite past times is crocheting! I feel like an old lady sometimes when I sit down with my bins full of yarn and start making hats, scarves, blankets, etc. But the more I do it, the less I care if it's an 'old lady' hobby. I love making things for my family, my friends, their kids, and friends of friends. My mom taught me how to crochet years ago... I was probably around 10. I did it for a while with her, but lost interest in it during high school. I finally picked it up again last year and have made so many fun things! 

Some of the designs and things I've found are definitely old lady-ish, but you can find some really cute things! I've made fingerless gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, headbands... There really are endless amount of things you can make crocheting, and I can't wait to keep making more! I've had a few requests from friends to make certain things. Sometimes they pay me, sometimes I just do it for free. Usually if I get paid, its just the price of the yarn it cost; sometimes a little more.  

Crocheting is definitely more of a winter hobby for me. I pick it up a few times throughout the summer, but for whatever reason, I just like doing it in the winter more. The only downfall? It tends to take away from my reading. I usually pick up whatever I'm in the mood for though. If I want to watch a TV show, its the perfect time to crochet since it's a pretty mindless activity for me. If I want to take break from crocheting because my hands are getting tired, I might switch to reading. Just depends! 

I'm always looking for new suggestions and inspiration! Lately, my mom and I have been making things in anticipation to donate to hospitals. We have baby blankets and hats. It really just comes down to the fact that we love crocheting but there are only so many people who we can give it to in our lives! So why not donate! Below I've posted a few things that I've made over the last year or so. Let me know what you think!

Hungry Caterpillar
I love this design!
Fingerless gloves
Comfy Infinity Scarf
Favorite Infinity Scarf
Newest baby blanket!

What things do you enjoy doing other than reading and blogging?


  1. I love to crochet too! I actually learned how to from youtube videos and now every winter I get a ton of requests for scarves. I can't wait until it gets cold. I really want to make a Ravenclaw scarf this year. Much love from one hooker to another :)

    1. Oh that's awesome! Its so much fun making all these things and I love sharing everything I make with my friends and family (:

  2. my hobby is still bookish! lol