Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Publisher: Del Rey Books
Publishing Date: Reprint, 2012
ISBN 13: 9780345534835
305 Pages


        When Thorin Oakenshield and his band of dwarves embark upon a dangerous quest to reclaim the board of gold stolen from them by the evil dragon Smaug, Gandalf the wizard suggests an unlikely accomplice: Bilbo Baggins, an unassuming Hobbit dwelling in peaceful Hobbiton.

Along the way, the company faces trolls, goblins, giant spiders, and worse. But as they journey from the wonders of Rivendell to the terrors of Mirkwood and beyond, Bilbo will find that there is more to him than anyone - himself included - ever dreamed. Unexpected qualities of courage and cunning, and a love of adventure, propel Bilbo towards his great destiny... a destiny that wits in the dark caverns beneath the Misty Mountains, where a twisted creature known as Gollum jealously guards a precious magic ring.

My Review

I first saw this movie, and immediately went out to buy the book. I'm so glad I did! As the title of the movie suggests, this was indeed an unexpected journey! Tolkien creates such a magical world inside these pages, and I couldn't ask for anything more. This book made me laugh at times, worry for the characters safety and wellbeing, and constantly wonder what the quest was going to bring them next. It took me on the adventures right along with the characters themselves! Bilbo is such a lovable character, and I really enjoyed seeing him grow into a courageous and adventurous Hobbit! I think I will have to watch the movie again. I loved the movie so much when I first saw it, without reading the book first, and now that I have read it, I think I will love it even more! My boyfriend and his family are huge LOTR fans, so I'm happy to say that I am finally in the same boat :) Can't wait to continue the adventures by reading The Lord of the Rings!

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  1. Oh I need to read this! I read the first LoTR book with every intention of going back and reading the rest, then The Hobbit, but I never got around to it. Every time I see a review like this, I feel guilty about that and wonder why haha.

    Love the blog!

    -Kelly @ PaperFantasies

    1. I know what you mean! I feel guilty every time I pass my huge TBR pile haha Hopefully I can start putting a dent in it :)

      Following you now!

  2. I loved, loved this book! It truly became one of my favorites. When I knew the movie was coming out I had to read it before. I also just bought the first book in the LOTR triology. I've been putting it off but I will get around to it.