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One Tiny Miracle by Carol Marinelli

One Tiny Miracle by Carol Marinelli
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances
Publishing Date: 3/1/2010
192 Pages


Dr. Ben Richardson is trying to make yet another new start, this time in the emergency department at a Melbourne hospital. It's been nearly four years since he lost his wife and unborn child - and he still hasn't let go. So it comes as quite a surprise to him when his eye is drawn to a beautiful pregnant woman on the beach.

When Ben realizes Celeste is a nurse at the hospital, he wants to keep his distance. She reminds him too much of all he's lost. But Celeste is clearly facing this challenging pregnancy along, and Ben can't help coming to her rescue. Being with her to deliver her premature baby girl finally makes him realize there's a future for him right here after all - if he's prepared to risk enough to claim it...

My Review 

Romance novels are definitely my guilty pleasure and this one had everything I love! Ben has gone through so much in his life, losing his wife and unborn child. We watch him struggle with his emotions while trying to move. It's really heartbreaking to watch/read. Then he meets Celeste and we all fall in love with her. She's a soon-to-be single mom who is also struggling with her life. She doesn't have a lot of money and no family or friends to turn to besides Ben. Through their friendship, we watch each of them grow and try to move on with their lives. But Ben never seems to think that he deserves a new family because of his past loss. When Celeste's daughter is born prematurely, we finally see Ben realize what's been missing in his life - a family. He learns to move on from the death of his wife and child, and ultimately find happiness with Celeste. This was a really good book! I downloaded it on my Kindle app and finished it in about two days. The characters are vulnerable, loving, and charismatic  If your guilty pleasure is romance novels, then I highly encourage you to read this one :)

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