Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings. Each week, a new topic is posted regarding books, blogging, and other fun topics! This week's question: 

How do you decide which books to read and review? 

Generally, I just choose a book by the synopsis of what it's about. If it sounds pretty interesting, then I like to get a copy. Most of the time this works for me. But there are definitely times when it sounds like its going to be a really interesting read, and its a flop. Its always disappointing, but nothing that can really be avoided. Some books have an amazing synopsis, but when it comes to the actual story, it fails. The only way I can think to avoid this right now is by reading those books that have really good reviews. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of becoming a reviewer and reviewing books that aren't released yet? 

Another way I choose books are by reading anything my favorite authors release. Anytime Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult release a new book, I must read it! Usually it takes me a while to go buy the book because I'm kind of cheap and I want the price to go down, but I always get a copy. (: 

I also like to read books that are on the best-seller lists or that have become popular. I mean, millions of people are reading it for some reason, right? I usually assume this book has a lot of potential. However, there have also been many fails when it comes to this. Such as Life of Pi and the 50 Shades trilogy. I just wasn't as impressed as the general public seemed to be. However, I was still glad to have read them because other wise I would always wonder if I would have liked it. 

As for review copies of books, I generally review these if the synopsis is good. Usually there isn't a lot to go on for how others liked it because it hasn't been released to the public yet. There are some that I have found to be pretty bad even though the snippet of the book sounded good. And there are others that I wasn't really sure if I'd like, but gave it a shot anyways, and I end of loving it. 

How do you decide what to read and review? Take part in this weekly meme and tell us! :) 

For my followers and anyone else to check out my blog, I apologize for not posting a book review in a while! Its been so hectic around here with classes coming to an end next week and cramming for finals! Hopefully I'll have another one to post within the week. But if not, I'll keep participating in this weekly meme to at least post something! :) 


  1. Covers, book synopsis, review's on good reads are my check point for NetGalley books. For books I buy, its all those plus reviews I've seen on blogs and the odd impulse buy :-)

    1. I have the impulse buy a lot :) Those I think the cover tends to intrigue me and then just want to snatch it up!

  2. I choose what to read purely on which synopsis sounds good. I have a list of books that I feel like I should read, but that I never get around to reading simply because the synopsis doesn't appeal to me. I am also slightly swayed by reviews, but I would never buy a book that did not appeal to me, simply because it was popular or it has great reviews. Yes, it will help me with the decision to buy the book slightly, but only if I have any interest in the story itself. It is the same way with covers. Yes, it will make me pick up the book and have a look, but it wont be the reason for me buying it (unless it is a coffee table book or just a book that is for decorating of course).
    I have had very few instances where I have read a book that I thought was going to be amazing, but then turned out to a complete flop. But then those few times the books have also been REALLY bad. This had for the most part been e-books though. With the whole e-book thing it seems like anyone and their mothers can release books nowadays and some of them are just so cringe worthy in terms of writing. But with actual printed books I haven't really experienced that. I suppose that has to do with quality control in regards to what actually get published and physically printed, but that is a whole other story!
    Okay that ended up being a really long message, sorry. Once I get started I never really know how to stop, haha.

    - Camilla

  3. That's true. It is harder to pick ARC review books, because there usually isn't as much out there yet to help make a decision. It's more of a gamble.

    Good luck on your finals!