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[Review] Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts
Bride Quartet, #3
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publishing Date: 2010
325 Pages
Format: paperback, purchased
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Laurel McBane has always relied on her friends for support, especially when her dream of attending culinary school was almost ruined by her parents' financial problems. Now Laurel is repaying the kindness of her friends by creating extravagantly luscious tiers of cakes and other confectionery delights that add the perfect touch to their clients' weddings.

As for romance, Laurel believes in it - in theory. But she's too low-key to appreciate all the luxuries that other women seem to long for. What she does appreciate is a strong, intelligent man, a man just like Parker's older brother, Delaney Brown, on whom Laurel has had a mega crush since childhood.

But some infatuations last longer than others, and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach. Plus, Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her, or so she thinks. When Laurel's quick-silver moods get the better of her - leading to an angry, hot, altogether mind-blowing kiss with Del - she'll have to quiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever...

My Review

I read the first book in this series a while ago, and liked it so much that I wanted to continue with the series! I rarely buy books new, so I kept waiting for the rest to turn up at my used book store in their clearance section. (I buy waaayy too many books that this is really the only place I buy them otherwise I'd be completely broke) Well, I couldn't find the second, but the third one was finally there, so I snatched it up right away! It sat on my shelf for a bit, but I've been in the mood for romance novels lately, so I started this!

Nora Roberts is a very talented writer and I love reading her work! This book didn't disappoint and had a perfect touch of romance and comedy! The four main women in these books are fun. They each have such different personalities but still remain the closest friends and co-workers. Laurel is really sweet and hard working. She came from a tough family background, but fought hard for what she wanted and didn't back down. Del is a smart, good-looking lawyer who treats everyone with respect, and definitely takes care of "his girls." But when he stops looking at Laurel like a sister, things really heat up and get interesting! (: A fun story that I didn't want to put down! Cannot wait to read the other two books! I know what happens with Emma from the second book already, but I still want to read her story!

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