Friday, June 6, 2014

[Review] Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling 
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publishing Date: 1997
310 Pages
Format: hardcover, purchased


Harry Potter has never played a sport while flying on a broomstick. He's never worn a Cloak of Invisibility, befriended a giant, or helped hatch a dragon. All Harry knows is a miserable life with the Dursleys, his horrible aunt and uncle, and their abominable son, Dudley. Harry's room is a tiny cupboard under the stairs, and he hasn't had a birthday party in ten years.

But all that is about to change when a mysterious letter arrives by owl messenger: a letter with an invitation to a wonderful place he never dreamed existed. There he finds not only friends, aerial sports, and magic around every corner, but a great destiny that's been waiting for him... if Harry can survive the encounter.

My Review

I'm sure I don't need to give a lengthy reason as to why I love this book, as so many others already know what's so great about it! But I'll tell you why anyways! I first read Harry Potter years ago...probably pretty close to when it came out. I'll admit, when it first came out, I couldn't get into it; there was just something about a cat changing into a person that I couldn't get past. But then my family and I took a vacation to Colorado; a road trip, to be more exact, so I had a lot of time to read. I read the first three books on this trip and remember stopping at a books store while still in CO to pick up the Goblet of Fire! Since that time, I was hooked.

These books are about so much more than just a magical world with good guys and bad guys, and Harry always finding himself in the middle. It's about friendship, family and love. I feel like every time I read these books, I learn a little bit more about this. The friendship that Harry, Ron and Hermione have is so great! They have their ups and downs, and get into arguments. But they always find a way to patch things up and grow from their experiences. I guess this applies to the entire series, but I love the first book because we're learning along with these three friends what Hogwarts is all about and what it means to live in this magical world. It's a fun and entertaining book that is very well written. It may have been intended for children/teenagers, but there's no surprise why it appeals to people of all ages.

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