Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Blogging Challenge: Day 5

The 7 Day Holiday Challenge is an event hosted by Parajunkee! Check out her website for more information and to participate! 

Day Five: Share a holiday tradition!

Ever year on Christmas morning, my family goes to my mom's parents' house for brunch. We then go to my dad's parents' house to see all of our extended family. But the best part of Christmas day (other than opening gifts in the morning) is that my parents would make sure we were home each Xmas day by 6 pm. They always wanted to give us enough time to play with the toys we got that morning. Holidays can be hectic, and it was always a bummer to leave so soon for brunch after we opened presents! Leaving my grandparents by 6 was our immediate family time and time for us to relax and wind down after the busy holidays. I love spending time with my extended family, but those few hours at night were always my favorite and even as we've grown older, we still try to do this! 

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