Thursday, August 13, 2015

Book Podcasts!

I've been listening to podcasts, which is very new to me and a little hard to get used to! The first one I listened to was the podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig - if you don't know it, check it out! The whole podcast is about one story; a man name Adnan is convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend. It's a true story and we learn a little each week as Sarah interviews Adnan and other witnesses to try to figure out if Adnan actually did it. It's really interesting and a great listen! 

But okay, back to my original point. After I listened to Serial, I realized there are so many great podcasts out there! And then I thought, why not find book podcasts since that's what I love so much?! So a few days I decided to look some up and I've found a few that I really like thus far. Funny enough, a lot of these podcasts come from Book Riot!

Does anyone else listen to podcasts, book or non-book related? What are some of your favorites? I'd love to hear from you all!

What it's about: Book Riot - The Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

What it's about: Dear Book Nerd is a bi-weekly show about life, love and literature. 

What it's about: All the Books is a weekly show of recommendations and discussions about the most interesting and exciting new book releases. - I actually haven't listened to this one yet, but I'm going to tomorrow at work! 

What it's about: It's an interview podcast about interesting people who love books. 

What it's about: Intellectual, accessible and provocative literary conversations

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