Friday, June 21, 2013

Hide and Seek by James Patterson

Hide and Seek by James Patterson 
Publisher: Warner Books
Publishing Date: 1996
ISBN13: 9780446603713
429 Pages


It was the trial that electrified the world. Not only because of the defendant, Maggie Bradford, the woman whose songs captivated the world's heart. Not only because of the victim, Will Shepard, the world's most glamorous athlete. But also because everyone said Maggie had murdered not just one husband, but two. And because in Maggie's world - the world she feared and despised but could not escape, the world of the powerful, the rich, and the ruthless - both death and life could never be what they seemed.

                                                                   My Review

The story in this book wasn't told how James Patterson normally seems to write. I immediately felt like it was different from many of his others that I have read, but not in a bad way. The book starts off with two murders, but those two aren't the main story. Maggie Bradford is a very sympathetic and lovable character. I didn't want to like her at first because I came into the story with the thought that she was a cold-blooded murderer. But things are never as they first appear. Maggie was a strong character and has not had the best life, but she still goes on with a good attitude and raises her children as best she can. On the other hand, wanted to like Will Shepard from the beginning because I knew he was portrayed as the victim in the synopsis. When the story starts, and he is a young boy, I did like him. However, as he aged and the story progressed, I didn't like him at all.

I really love James Patterson's writing style, his short chapters, and his creative imagination. This was a very fast-paced book and I finished it in two days. I always begin reading Patterson's books with high expectations and this one delivered! It was easy to read, a great story, and had so many twists and turns that I didn't know what was going to happen at the end! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys read a mystery/thriller! :)


  1. I love seeing another James Patterson fan in the blogger world! I just feel like I don't run across too many of them. I have not read this one, but one of my favorites by him is an older one called Sail. Have you read it? If not you should check it out. :)

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  2. Thanks for stopping by! I don't find too many other JP fans on blogs either, and its such a shame! I have read Sail and I really liked it! Another one I loved was The Quickie. Check that is Hide and Seek out if you haven't read it :)