Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner

The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner
Publisher: Bantom Books
Publishing Date: 2009
ISBN13: 9780553591903
462 Pages


A young mother, blond and pretty, vanishes from her South Boston home, leaving behind only one witness - her four-year-old daughter - and one suspect - her handsom, secretive husband.

From the moment Detective Sergeant D.D. Warrant arrives at the Joneses' snug little bungalow, instinct tells her that something is seriously off with the wholesome image the couple has worked so hard to create.

With the clock ticking on the life of a missing woman and a media firestorm building, D.D. must decide whether Jason Jones is hiding his guilt - or just trying to hide. But first she must stand between a potential killer and his next victim - an innocent child who may have seen too much.

                                        My Review

This book kept me interested; it was really fast-paced and I always wanted to know what happened next. Jason Jones was definitely suspicious and I found myself wondering what he would do next. I didn't see the end coming at all - interesting surprise!

However, as much as I enjoyed this book, it wasn't the best mystery/thriller I have read. And it's definitely not Lisa Gardner's best work. I can't seem to put my finger on why I didn't like it as much as others. There was just something about it. Overall, it was a good book, just not my favorite.

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  1. I love LG and the concept sounds good. Sorry it left you wanting a bit more though. Its disappointing when something just feels off.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

    1. Yes, it can be very disappointing. But that definitely won't stop me from reading her others :)

  2. I enjoy Lisa but her books can be hit or miss with me as well,lovely review!

    1. Thanks! I agree. I've liked the other two of hers I've read, but not this one. Hopefully the next one I read it a hit!