Thursday, April 24, 2014

Harry Potter Moment of the Week! 4.24.14

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is hosted by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts. The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object, quote, etc. from the books/films/JK Rowling or anything Potter related!

Least Favorite Book

Oh, this is tough! I honestly haven't read the books in quite some time (though I watch the movies all the time), so I'm trying to remember everything that happened! I don't really have a least favorite, but if I had to choose, I would say The Chamber of Secrets. I don't necessarily have a good reason, it just wasn't among my top picks! Plus, I really hate snakes, so maybe that's why (: 

I really should reread these books though! I love them all and pretty much have the movies memorized. But there's always so much left out in movies compared to the books. Maybe I'll try not to buy as many new books in the next couple of months so that I can catch up a little on my TBR pile and do some rereads!


  1. I just read the first HP recently and am looking to start the second one soon, so I'll be reading this shortly. Hopefully I'll like it- but I've heard people say the series really picks up with book four or so, so I'm looking forward to getting a little further along. :)

    1. Yes, it definitely picks up with the later books as there's a lot more action. But even though this is my least favorite, I still really love it! So I don't think you'll be disappointed (:

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