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[Review] Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publishing Date: Aug 13, 2013
Format: audio book, downloaded
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How would you spend your birthday if you knew it would be your last?

Eighteen-year-old Leonard Peacock knows exactly what he'll do. He'll say goodbye.

Not to his mum - who he calls Linda because it annoys her - who's moved out and left him to fend for himself. Nor to his former best friend, whose torments have driven him to consider committing the unthinkable. But to his four friends: a Humphrey-Bogart-obsessed neighbour, a teenage violin virtuoso, a pastor's daughter and a teacher.

Most of the time, Leonard believes he's weird and sad but these friends have made him think that maybe he's not. He wants to thank them, and say goodbye. 

My Review

I downloaded this book through Sync Audio files for free. They have a really great program that runs during the summer for people to download 2 books per week. One is generally a classic, and the other is something more recent. You have to sign up, and those titles are only available for download for one week, but its really great! I was able to listen to this book on my phone while I was crocheting (: It was a pretty relaxing weekend to say the least!

I really enjoyed this book. The writing was great, it was easy to follow, and there was so much depth to Leonard Peacock. I felt like throughout the story I really got to know him as a character and why he planned to commit suicide. It's a sad book because you can see how little things can really mean so much to people, and how sometimes one event, or a series of events, can change your life forever.

I couldn't stop listening to find out what was going to happen. Leonard plans out his 18th birthday to say goodbye to 4 people that have greatly affected him. While he's doing this, there are flashbacks to events that happened that ultimately led him to his decision. I couldn't wait to find out what actually happened; did Leonard kill Asher Beal? Did he commit suicide? What happens?!

Overall, it was a great book and I highly recommend reading/listening to it! Most people will thoroughly enjoy this book, even if it is a little sad. I laughed at times... felt like crying at others... It was truly well-written and worth my time. 

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