Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Review] Words of Silk by Sandra Brown

Words of Silk by Sandra Brown
Date Started: 7/11/14
Date Finished: 7/12/14
Publisher: Warner Books
Publishing Date: 1984
Format: paperback, purchased
210 Pages


Laney McLeod's life changes the minute she gets stuck in an elevator in Manhattan-and relies on handsome stranger Deke Sargent to help her fight her claustrophobia. When the power comes back on, Deke and Laney find themselves in a passionate embrace that leads to a night of love. Shocked at her indiscretion, Laney disappears the next morning. Months later, she receives an even greater shock: Deke shows up in her life with an astounding announcement. Unable to forget the chemistry between them, but afraid that she's just another notch on this wealthy playboy's bedpost, Laney is about to discover an even deeper that she must face or forever lose the one man she can't resist.

My Review

I was really in the mood to read a quick, short romance novel, so I turned to Sandra Brown! I really enjoy her stories and she definitely knows how to write romance. Perusing my shelves, I found Words of Silk, so I picked it up and started reading right away. This is an older book of hers, but I still really enjoyed it. There wasn't as much substance in it as I would have liked, but that happens in a shorter story. It definitely isn't Brown's best work, and I like her newer novels much better, but at the same time, it was just what I was looking for last night: a really quick, light read. 

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