Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings. Each week a new question is presented. Check out Heidi's blog for all the details :)

This weeks question:

Do you read books based on the season? 

Generally, I don't read a book based on the season. I often see posts for great summer reads or books to curl up with in the fall/winter, and I may check them out from time to time, but I rarely read books based on seasons. The one exception to that however, is Christmas books (: It just doesn't feel right to be reading a Christmas book in the middle of July... That's why I've been holding on to 4 books I got from my mom that I plan to read in December. They are: Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere, and Twelve Stories of Christmas by Joe Wheeler. I CANNOT wait to start these!! I'm so tempted to start one now, but I really want to read them when I'm in the Christmas holiday spirit! 


  1. I do not read based on season.

    I read according to my genre of choice which is historical fiction. I do like mystery too.

    Great question. I am going to have to stop back each week. Love to see answers to reading questions.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I normally don't either, but this year it seemed like a good idea (: