Sunday, November 9, 2014

Favorite Places to Read

If you're like me, you have a favorite, or two, go-to places to read. Since that's where I'm currently sitting, I thought I'd share with my readers my favorite spots!

The living room is probably my favorite spot to read, right in the corner of the couch. I'd prefer a bigger, comfier couch, but this was free, and as a newly married and newly graduated young adult... I can't afford anything else! :) But it's still pretty comfy, and I can't pass up the fireplace! Sometimes I even sit right in front and keep cozy. It's perfect during the colder months, like November is showing us! When my husband and I buy or build a house in the future, it's a requirement that I have a wood fireplace! This gas one is pretty nice, but I much prefer a wood-buring fire! The smells...the sound... just perfect! I grew up with wood fireplaces in my parents' house, so someday I'll have one of my own! The picture on the right is how I was reading the other night - simply wonderful! 

My other favorite spot to read is in bed! I try not to read here too much because I still like being in the same room as my husband and I also tend to fall asleep earlier if I'm in bed. But sometimes I just love laying down with my kitties (Romeo is pictured here!). And sometimes, like later today, my husband will be playing video games with his friend, so going into the bedroom and shutting the door is sometimes the best option (: 

One day, along with my wood fireplace, I'll have a library or book nook (maybe with a fireplace?!). I plan to have a big, comfy chair or couch and cuddle up in there to read! That's not going to be anytime soon, so I'll just enjoy these two spots until then. 

What are your favorite places to read? Post pictures!! I love hearing from my readers!

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