Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Review] Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart

Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart 
Series: Piper Anderson, #1
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing
Publishing Date: Sept 27, 2013
248 Pages
Format: Kindle ebook
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Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a prominent judge in her community committing a violent assault. Running from her own past and fueled by a passion to make the jduge answer for his crimes, Piper is forced to decide if she'll play by the rules or achieve justice in her own way.

Complicating things further, Piper finds herself fighting a powerful attraction to rookie cop, Bobby Wright. Although she's increasingly enamored with Bobby, his staunch belief in the justice system is in stark contrast to her own. She many not share his opinions about the effectiveness of the law, but she certainly can't deny how safe she feels when she's in his arms or how every kiss leaves her desperate for more.

For Piper, the idea of finally living an ordinary life with a man to love is tempting. However, fate keeps placing the judge, quite literally, in her path. Will she decide the only way to win is to be as wicked as the judge, but with righteous intentions? And more importantly, will Bobby choose to let her go, or follow her as she crosses the line and takes justice into her own hands?

My Review

I started reading this book a while ago on my Kindle because it was a free download on Amazon. I wasn't sure what it would be like, but it sounded pretty interesting. I have to say, it turned out much better than I was expecting! If you like romantic suspense novels, this is definitely one to pick up!

Piper Anderson has a troubled past, but we don't learn what that is right away. It takes her a long time to open up to Bobby and tell her story. But once she does... wow... I can't imagine going through that! No wonder she is kind of reserved and has a hard time believing in the justice system!

On the other hand, I feel like Bobby is your typical rookie cop, wanting to change the world one speeding ticket at a time. He learned from his mentor and has a great belief in the justice system; a belief very different from Piper's. But he isn't necessarily wrong to have that belief, and still strives for doing the right thing.

I think the second half of the book definitely picked up the pace and made me not want to stop reading. And the end just leaves you hanging! What happens?! I definitely want to read the next book in the series to find out :)


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