Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tell Me Something Tuesday 2.25.14

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings. Each week a new question is presented. Check out Heidi's blog for all the details :)

This weeks question:

So you want to be a blogger edition: What advice do you wish you could go back and give yourself when you were starting your blog? 

1. Blogging is time consuming! I never realized how much of a time commitment blogging actually is until I started. I feel like I'm always on my blog trying to do something new or great more review posts.

2. Don't request every ARC available! When I first started my blog a year ago, I would just request books all the time because it was so new and exciting. Then I started to have a stack of ARCs just waiting to be read and reviewed... and the pile kept growing. I wasn't able to keep up with when they needed to be done. Then I would join book tours and always sign up for reviews, but it became such a burden to get them all done, and I wasn't reading the books that I purchased and really wanted to read. So I slowly stopped requesting so many ARCs, and stopped signing up for review tours. I will still participate in promo book tours, and have requested a few ARCs, but I definitely don't request as many as I originally did. 

3. Stay organized! It's so easy to let things pile up and forget about something you were supposed to do. I started keeping track of tours and ARC reviews that I was participating in on a Google calendar. It definitely keeps me on track of when things need to be posted, but I can still work on my organization of my blog. 

4. Remember why you started to blog! I first started my blog because I love books. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in ARCs, growing our blog, and trying to make it better than everyone else's, that we kind of lose track of why we started our blog in the first place. Sure, I'd love tons of traffic and followers, but that's not why I'm blogging. I'm doing it so I have a place to connect with other readers and talk about books! 


  1. Wonderful post, Tina. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I have been in the same boat. I have almost stopped doing tours, and I am trying to severely limit the ARCs and I am going in and scheduling books that I want to read and it is helping.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it's very easy to get caught up in trying to get followers and increase numbers, but I just need to remind myself that those numbers aren't necessarily important. I just want to talk about books that I enjoy! I'm still doing tours, but I've limited them to promo tours only (for the most part), and have been following my schedule pretty well so far! Thanks for stopping by!