Monday, February 24, 2014

[Review] Heaven's Price by Sandra Brown

Heaven's Price by Sandra Brown 
Publisher: Bantam Books
Publishing Date: 1983
217 Pages
Format: paperback, purchased


Blair Simpson embraced a life most people merely dreamed about. Devoting her nights as well as her days to dancing - in the chorus line of Broadway musicals and in occasional TV commercials - she had never considered another career. Now an injury has sent her to a small town for six long months of recuperation. All around her are couples who are raising families and building dreams together. And there she meets a man who forces her to come to terms with a part of herself she has long denied.

From her first encounter with her new landlord, Sean Garrett, the powerful sexual attraction between them catches her off guard. For the first time she's unable to lose herself in her dancing, as Sean's passion and tenderness urge her to open her life to him. More than anything, Sean wants to build a future with fiery, raven-haired Blair. But Blair's own passion for dance has ruled her for so long, she many not be able to break its hold - even if it costs her the love she had thought she's never find.

My Review

I started reading Sandra Brown books so long ago - probably before I really should have been (: I think my mom had a bunch around the house, and I just started reading them, and pretty soon devoured so much of what she had written! While this wasn't my favorite book of hers, I still enjoyed it. I picked this one up because I specifically wanted to read a romance. I didn't want anything dystopian, young adult, suspenseful, etc; I just wanted a romance. And that's exactly what I got. Blair is a stubborn dancer who doesn't want to give up her career in dancing. Sean is just as stubborn, but knows what he wants in life, and that includes Blair. They have a whirlwind romance, but like all couples, face challenges during their relationship. It was a short, quick read that I finished in a day. If you've read anything by Sandra Brown, or just want a quick romance, pick it up. Like I said, it's not my favorite of hers, but it was a sweet story.

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