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[Review] Running on Empty by LB Simmons

Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons 
Series: Mending Hearts, #1
Publisher: L.B. Simmons
Publishing Date: Jan. 4, 2013
Format: ebook
292 Pages
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I had the perfect life. 

Beautiful and loving husband.Three gorgeous little girls. 
Successful career. 

The only thing missing was the white picket fence. I really wanted that fence. 

Three years ago, I lost that life. I lost my husband. And I lost myself. But, eventually, I found my way through the darkness. I’ve made peace with my new life. I have my girls, and that’s all that matters. They are my world. I have no illusions of ever falling in love again or getting whisked away on a white horse. 

But then he came back into my life. On a freakin’ motorcycle.

There’s no way I’ll let him turn my life completely upside down. Absolutely no way. 

The question is…

How long can I keep pretending that I’m happy with my life being right-side up?

My Review 

I saw this book and the two others in the series on Amazon for free, and since I have a hard time saying no to free books, I grabbed them right away. I figured they sounded pretty interesting and like something I might enjoy, especially while just biking or running away at the gym. Wow, was I in for quite a surprise! I never knew I would get sucked into this story so fast! I started reading it and couldn't think of anything else. I actually started it while I was biking at the gym; the next thing you know, It's 45 minutes later and I've biked 12 miles! What?! That's how good this book was! I was so engaged in the story that I didn't pay attention to my legs burning, people yelling around me, or the sweaty smell of a gym! It was absolutely wonderful! Then I couldn't wait for the next night at the gym to keep reading since it would be my next chance to actually do things other than sleep or work. I've never looked forward to the gym so much! 

Blake... ahh, Blake... So swoon-worthy! I love guys with motorcycles (my husband has one too! yay!); it's maybe as good as men in uniform?? Unfortunately, my husband doesn't have one of those... too bad! But anyways, back to the story. Alex is broken after her husband dies unexpectedly. She seems to be coping okay but doesn't realize how much she's just getting by until Blake comes back into her life after many years. She certainly doesn't welcome him with open arms; quite the opposite, in fact. But after spending an unplanned weekend together, she realizes what a great friend he was to her all those years ago and she could really use a friend about now. What she isn't expecting is him to sneak into her heart and that's exactly what he does. This couple is so freaking cute! I love everything about them and Alex's three little girls! They just melt your heart when they're trying to do things like make chocolate pancakes and glitter cards. It reminds me a lot of my niece and her silly but fun personality! 

I feel like I could gush about this book forever, probably with some ramblings thrown in there about things the story and its characters reminds me of. But I won't bore you all. To keep it short and simple: this book is WONDERFUL! So many feelings packed into one book! I almost can't handle it! Keyword: almost! I cannot wait to read Recovery (Mending Hearts 1.5), which continues the story of Alex and Blake! And then I'll be jumping right into the next book, Running in Place (#2). 

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