Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 First Reads Challenge!

This challenge is hosted by B00k R3vi3ws. I participated in this the last two years and it was fun, so I figured I would do it again this year. Since I started blogging, I've read so many books by new-to-me authors, so I passed my goal easily the first year. Unfortuatnely, last year I overloaded myself with challenges (they're so tempting!), so I didn't make my goal. I had a goal to read 51-75 new-to-me authors and only made it to 35 (wow, that's not very good!). So, as a result, I'm only signing up for the LOVER level - 26-50 new-to-me authors. Let's hope that I do better this year! Last year was definitely disappointing! I'm guessing it was because I changed jobs, got married, went on a honeymoon, etc. So let's keep our fingers crossed to do better! Like I said last year, what I really love about this challenge is that the authors don't have to be new to the book world, just new to you! So even if you haven't read anything by an author who has been publishing for years, that's okay, it still counts! Go to the host's blog to find more information and sign up! I will be posting my books on this page as I read and review them, so come back soon to find my updated list!

Level: Lover, 26-50 new authors


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and I would join if I wasn't participating in a lot of challenges already. Good Luck!

    1. I know the feeling! I participated in too many last year and didn't do so well. I also was really bad at keeping track of which books fell into which challenge... I've scaled back this year and I'm only participating in 3 (so far, haha)!