Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Resolutions Pt. 1

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all spent your last days of 2014 the way you wanted :) 

To kick off the new year, I wanted to share some New Year Resolutions I have, for both blogging/reading and my personal life. I shared these briefly in my Top Ten Tuesday post this week (you can see it here), but I wanted to hash them out a little bit more. I'm going to split this post into two - this first part will be about my book blogging and reading resolutions; the second part will be about my personal resolutions. I'll gladly take any suggestions on how to make these resolutions a little easier or go more smoothly!


Organize my blog -- I'd like to clean it up, get rid of old posts and make sure all of my reviews are posted on my review page. I also need to learn how to have a list of A-Z on the top of my review page so people can easily jump to a review they're look for... and possibly add a section so people can search by author rather than just the title. It's going to take some time, and I'm sure I won't do it all at once, but I'd like to start. 

Learn coding -- Ever since I started blogging, I've been very envious of those who can create fun things on their blogs and make them really original. While I love my blog, and I have a lot of fun writing things on it, I'd like the ability to make things a little more original and show my personality. This is definitely something that's going to take a while for me as I know next to nothing about it. Just another project to add to my list!

Read more books from my TBR pile -- This is one that I've always struggled with. My local book store has a clearance section where everything is $3.00 or less, and while that's great, it also really sucks. Why? Because I have a hard time passing up books that are that cheap! With the goal of building a library in my home, this is great for me. But it also means that I'm continually buying books and they keep sitting on my shelves, unread. I have every intention of reading the books when I buy them, but then I buy another book and start that one first, and these others just keep getting buried. Frustrating! 

Only buy books that I really, really want -- This definitely piggy-backs off the resolution above, but I'm hoping it will help me. If I stop buying books just because they're cheap and sound interesting, that will help control my TBR pile. Again, this is going to be difficult for me, and I'll struggle, but I really hope I can stick with this. Even if I do for only a few months, its better than not at all!


  1. I have SO many books that I need to read that I own....So I completely understand reading from your own shelves! Good luck on your resolutions! Happy New Year :-)

    Em @

    1. Oops, I'm so late at replying! Sorry! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have success in reading from your TBR pile! (: