Monday, December 30, 2013

[Review] Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend

Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend 
Publisher: Merit Press
Publishing Date: Dec. 18, 2013
288 Pages
Format: ARC, netgalley


Perfect people aren't just born. They're made.

The first time she is blindfolded and kidnapped, star-athlete and posh boarding school newbie Sadie is terrified. She wakes up in a dark room surrounded by hushed whispers, hooded strangers, and a mysterious voice whispering not-so-sweet nothings in her ear.

But once the robes come off, she realizes it's just an elaborate prank designed to induct her into the group that's been pulling the strings at Keating Hall for generations. The circle has it all - incredible connections; fabulous parties; and, of course, an in with the brother society's gorgeous pledges.

The instant popularity is enough to make Sadie forget about the unexplained marks on her body, the creepy ceremonial rituals, and the incident that befell one of her teammates the year before. So the next time Sadie is kidnapped, she isn't scared, but she should be. The worst of Keating Hall is yet to come.

My Review

I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

When I first read this synopsis, I was immediately intrigued. Secret societies, mysterious deaths, kidnappings...What more could you ask for?! Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. Sadie starts a new school across the country on a lacrosse scholarship. When she gets there, she finds out about a secret society at her school and at the neighboring all-boys school. She soon learns so much more than she ever imagined about what is going on behind closed doors. This book was fast-paced and an easy read. I would definitely recommend it to others (:


  1. I've never heard of this one before, but you can't go wrong with great characters and a rich, fast pace! Sign me up! Wonderful review, Tina! xo

    1. I just came across it while browsing on Netgalley (: So glad I found it though! Thanks!!