Friday, December 6, 2013

[Review] Wonder's Promise by Joanna Campbell

Wonder's Promise by Joanna Campbell
Publisher: Harper Entertainment
Publishing date: September 15, 1991
192 Pages
Format: paperback, purchased


Ashleigh's dreams are in tatters...

Ashleigh Griffen is thrilled when the owners of the horse farm where she lives puts her favorite horse, Wonder, into training as a Thoroughbred racer. Ashleigh has spent the past year turning the sickly filly into a beautiful, healthy yearling.

Ashleigh knows Wonder could be great, but Wonder dislikes her harsh new trainer. Soon she's bucking and disobeying all his commands. Ashleigh is heart broken when the trainer says Wonder is untrainable...useless.

Even worse, Wonder doesn't seem to know Ashleigh anymore. One day after Wonder fiercely throws her, Ashleigh becomes afraid of her own horse. Maybe the trainer was right after all - maybe it's time to give up on Wonder...

My Review

Once again, I love this series! Ms. Campbell does a wonderful job telling Ashleigh's story and the struggles she faces with Wonder. Although Wonder isn't Ashleigh's horse, she feels like it because of how much time they've spent together, and she really wants Wonder to excel in her training. I love the other characters in these stories as well, such as Charlie, Ashleigh's parents, her best friend, and her siblings. They all play smaller roles, but they add so much to these stories. If you enjoyed the first one, definitely get this second one!

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